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“For most bands, the chance to work with a philharmonic orchestra is a rarity, an opportunity to expand their sound into new levels of heightened emotion and volume. For Anathema, however, it’s almost redundant. Following albums like 2010’s We’re Here Because We’re Here and 2012’s breakthrough Weather Systems, Anathema has already proven itself to be quite the orchestral outfit. Songs like “The Storm Before the Calm” and “Untouchable” hit the emotional heights that not even Coldplay circa A Rush of Blood to the Head was able to hit, with strings, piano, and vocal interplay cranked up to their highest possible limits.
Universal is not just a document of a stellar live show; it’s the culmination of everything Anathema has worked for up to this point. Weather Systems and WHBWH were, while fine releases in their own right, just stepping stones to this, one night where everything came together brilliantly, as if by magic and clockwork all at once. Like band’s ordinary yet resounding lyrics, one worn-out phrase of praise holds a lot of truth about this concert: this is Anathema as it’s meant to be heard.”


“Producing music with Christer is like sailing a boat down a river of wonderful feelings, colors and sounds. The nicest guy, he is quite simply the best, most inspiring producer we have ever, or perhaps will ever, work with. Anathema was never complete until we found him.”

Daniel Cavanagh - Anathema