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22 released their debut album “FLUX” in 2010, where the single “I AM THAT I AM” was put into heavy rotation by National Norwegian Radio P3. 22 followed up “FLUX” with extensive touring, producing a multisensory live show using UV body paint and odour cannons amongst other things. But first and foremost: 22 proved their position as a synergy of 4 extremely talented musicians that never pertains to introversion, but rather utilizes showmanship and a genuine love of the audience seldom found with progressive rock acts.
In 2011, 22 signed a record deal in the UK and Japan, and spent the following two years touring abroad with focus on these two territories. During this period, 22 released an international version of “FLUX”, as well as “Kneel Estate EP”, “Plastik EP” and the live dvd: “The Pool Sessions”.
In 2013, 22 withdrew from touring in order to focus on writing new songs and exploring new creative realms.
The result is “YOU ARE CREATING”.
“You Are Creating” is an assertion made by 22 that the listener is the one creating the music they are hearing. Pitch and rhythm in different arrangements (songs) are just tools provided by the artist, which the listener utilizes and thus creates the experience of music. 22 suggests that music is not created by some, and then consummated by others: artist and experiencer meet halfway, and are co-dependent in creating what we call music. 22 claims that it is not the artist’s stories and emotions that is “given” to the listener. It is rather a case of the listener using music to explore their own emotional, mental, spiritual (and so on) faculties. Therefore, music is able to create experiences on such an intimate and personal level, having millions of different people from different cultures thinking: “they are singing about my life!” or “that’s exactly how i feel” in response to hearing the exact same song. Consciously or not, humans use music to explore their own life, world and being. Every song on “YOU ARE CREATING” is made with the above mentioned mechanism as an all permeating creative principle. In the meta song

“Producing music with Christer is like sailing a boat down a river of wonderful feelings, colors and sounds. The nicest guy, he is quite simply the best, most inspiring producer we have ever, or perhaps will ever, work with. Anathema was never complete until we found him.”

Daniel Cavanagh - Anathema